• prepare advanced players for next level to trial/showcase/tour
  • only those deemed ready after ADC training will be trialed/showcased/toured; there are no guarantees for trial/showcases/tours


  • October 1st to April 30
  • Saturdays: Noon-1:00pm
  • Sundays: Noon-1:00pm
  • Location: United Soccer Centre
  • Fees are: $50/session
  • Ages 12-18
  • Assessment done during practice for ADP players, free assessment session for other players
  • Invite issued after successful assessment
  • Small groups (target 8 to 1 or less player to coach ratio)
  • Practice once per week without leaving current team
  • Review every 4 to 8 weeks to assess trial/showcase/tours possibility
  • Advanced camps will be identified and ADC players given priority for signup